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Hi.  72 hours ago I had upper molar #15 extracted.  During the extraction there was a lot of pressure and the tooth had curvy roots.  It came out in one piece.  It bled quite a bit for about 8 hours. I was given amoxicillin.  Later that day I noticed I was stuffy on the left side of my nose.  Yesterday I had a really bad post nasal drip and when I got some of the mucus out of my throat it was very bloody.  This happened all day with bright red or dark red blood and so I went to the oral surgeon who said the tooth socket looks great and to give it a few days.  Today I have more pain in my left cheek and this bloody post nasal drip continues.  What are your thoughts?

Julie -  It sounds like the extraction cause of crack into the surrounding sinus.  When this occurs the membrane that lines the sinus can tear and produce bleeding.  This is not dangerous as long as the opening into the sinus heals and closes.  If not, simple drinking of water will begin to come out of your nose.  

It is important at this time not to blow your nose,  If there is an opening into the sinus, the blowing of the nose can cause the blood clot in the extraction socket to be dislodged.  So don't blow your nose until all the bleeding has stopped.  My suggestion is to see the surgeon for him to make sure you do not have  oral antral fistula ( an opening into your sinus).  If there an opening the surgeon will need to follow you closely to make sure the opening completely closes.

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