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Orchids/what's the record on number of blooms for Phalaenopsis


sue wrote at 2014-06-02 21:49:13
My moth orchid has had 100 flowers on one stem with 2 side branches - is this a record?


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Jim Kawasaki


Orchids, primarily cymbidiums (including Chinese cymbidiums) with limited knowledge about phalaenopsis, dendrobiums, cattleyas, paphiopedilums, phragmepediums plus some other miscellaneous orchids. Have been growing cymbidium orchids for 30+ years with only the past 15 years being a serious hobby grower.


Member of 3 orchid clubs and 2 international orchid societies (AOS, CSA). Greatest accomplishment is not having killed all my orchids, but given time I may still succeed. That they are still alive is living testimony to their hardiness and toughness.

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