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Orchids/Is there any hope?


Hannah wrote at 2012-11-03 21:03:25

My name is Hannah, and I just wanted to tell you that yes there is hope. It does sound like you have fungus and sadly this can kill your plant if it is not treated soon. As long as the problem is not too severe you can remove the affected areas using a sterilized cutting tool (probably the best way to sterilize your tool is with a flame). First you will want to cut the bad spot off. Once you cut into a bad spot it would be best to not cut into a heathy spot, then treat with a fungicide, or if you want you could probably use cinnamon (the kind of cinnamon that you use for cooking) as a natural fungicide, just place it on the cut area. Remember you will have to do this procedure soon. If I were you I would keep this plant away from any other plants you might have, better to be safe than sorry. Again there is hope, I too have a moth orchid that I severely over  watered and I had to go in and cut off over half of its roots. My plant's flowers all  came off and one of its stems died. I thought for sure my plant would die but my plant is growing and it appears to be doing very well.

I hope this helps and that your plant lives.



Here are a couple of tips. Make sure your plant is potted in a small clear pot, small enough so that its roots are nice and close. The roots don't like a lot of room and it will probably do best in an East window in the fall but for the winter you should probably bring it over to a South window. You will want to make sure to give your orchid lots of humidity. A way that I do it for my orchid is to take a tray and put pebbles in it and fill the tray up with water and just put your plant on top of the pebbles but make sure that your pot is not  sitting in the water, this will give your plant root rot. I had to learn this the hard way. I hope this is not too overwhelming.


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