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I bought a phal orchid 1 yr & 3 months ago. Over that time, it has produced numerous new roots and 3 new healthy leaves and another new one growing (with 4 original leaves still remaining healthy).  I water the orchid once a week with slightly warmed and filtered water.  I let the water drain out a bit before putting it back in the pot. I hadn't repot it since purchased. It's still sitting in the original pot during the week, the only time I take it out of the pot is to water it.  The pot is all moss, no soil. I've cut the branch from the last flower stem after all the flowers fell. That was about 1 yr & 2 months ago. I thought I've seen a new bulb/node coming out about 1/4 inch above where I cut the original stem, but it hasn't grow since it came out about 3 months ago.  

My orchid has limited sunlight, when it does receive it's not direct. It sits in an open space in the kitchen, the temperature in this area is constantly around low 70 degree. Aside from the orchid, there's only a money tree that sits about 20 feet across from it, on the same counter.

Aside from no new stem or flower, I think my orchid is very healthy.  Any advice on how to help it flower? Any spray or orchid food I can use to help?

Thanks for your help.

- Lil

Lil, first let me congratulate you on a good growing job.  It does look at though it needs more growing room so should be repotted to a larger pot so that the lower roots are in the growing mix.  Be sure the new pot has plenty of drainage holes.  Once repotted, you could try feeding it with a high phosphorous plant food once per month.  Most phalaenopsis bloom in the spring.  Higher light levels promote flowering.  For flowering, a day-night temperature difference of 10 degrees is helpful to promote flowering on some phalaenopsis.


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