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My Phalaenopsis Orchid, has bloomed and the flowers have now all dropped off.
My question is, so far up the main stem, it looks like there is a mini orchid growing, it has long leaves just like at the base of the plant.
Am I able to cut that off now that the orchid has finished blooming, and pot it in orchid compost?
In a sense, a bit like a spider plant, you can get cuttings from them and just put them in compost and they start to grow, is it the same with a orchid plant?
Please help me haha, I would love to think I can start a new orchid plant from my main one, its roughly 2 and half years old now, and has bloomed 3 times now.

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Adam, thank you for your question.  This phenomenon is quite common in phalaenopsis orchids; common enough to have its own name.  These miniature copies of the mother plant are called keikis.  They arise from a node (ie joint) along the old flower spike. If left long enough on the mother plant these can fully develop and even flower while attached to the mother plant.  They can be separated from the mother plant and be potted in their own right.  However, it is generally recommended that this separation not be done until roots and leaves are at least five cm long.  Best method for detaching the keiki is to gently twist the keiki near its attachment to the mother plant.  Avoid any damage to leaves and roots while separating and potting the keiki.


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