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Orchids/Cymbidium Khyber Pass 'Strawberry Pink'



Do you know of any commercial orchid growers located in the Mid-West? I live in central MO. I hope that helps.

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ANSWER: Derick, the American Orchid Society lists one commercial Orchid grower in Missouri.  Windy Hill Gardens is owned by Marilyn LeDoux  in Labadie, MO.  Her web site is  Her phone is 636-742-3010. There are other commercial growers in the Mid-West that I could recommend if you don't mind a day trip.

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QUESTION: Can you recommend a few other commercial orchid growers in the Mid-West area? Thank you very much for Marilyn LeDoux's contact information!

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ANSWER: The three largest growers in the Mid-West that I can recommend is "Orchids by Hausermanns" in Villa Park, Illinois, "Orchids Garden Center and Nursery" in Waunakee, Wisconsin and "Orchids Limited" in Plymouth, Minnesota.  The Wisconsin site combines "Orchids by the Ackers" and "Oak Hill Gardens" previously located in West Dundee, Illinois.  All three have websites.  You will be able to visit with all of these growers and many more at the upcoming orchid show and sale sponsored by the Orchid Grower's Guild in Madison, Wisconsin  That show is at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin the weekend of February 2-3. This is one of the largest Midwest Orchid Shows which features displays, sales, and seminars. The keynote speaker is Tom Mirenda, curator of orchids at the Smithsonian Institution.  More detail about this show called "Orchid Quest 2013" can be found on the web by visiting or call (608)231-3163  If you can make the show, likely I will be present to help out where needed. You should be able ask any of the vendors and they will get word to me.

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Thank you very much for the other sources of commercial orchid growers in the Mid-West. I am looking for a hybrid cross that was named back in 1956...its called Cymbidium Khyber Pass 'Strawberry Pink'. Have you heard of it, or do you have any in your own personal collection?

I contacted Parry and Alice Gripp of Santa Barbara Orchid Estate to see if they might have one, but I have not yet heard back from them.

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The Gripps may be your best choice since this cross was created and registered by the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate in 1956. You could also google the "Orchid Mall" under "plant sources" and look for cymbidium growers.  I would think it improbable that you could find this grex because plants that have been around this long will have likely been infected by the cymbidium mosaic virus. There have bee more than a dozen crosses using Cymb Khyber Pass as a parent which may still be around, but, even those crosses were made 40+ years ago.


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