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Hello Wayne,

Is it true that Phalaenopsis aphrodite prefer night-time temps between 62-65 degrees F? How well do they adapt to lower night-time temps say between 50 - 60degrees F? I keep my home's humidity between 50 - 60 %. I intend to grow my Phalaenopsis aphrodite on top of a humidity tray...would this be beneficial?

Would you personally recommend Black Gold Orchid mix for Phalaenopsis?

Thank you for your time and attention with my inquiry.

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Greetingss Derick.  Night temps of 62-65 degrees is best.  Humidity level of 50-60 degrees is fine as is the use of a huidity tray. I'm unfamiliar with the Black Gold orchid mix.  Many commercial growers I know are switching to a new potting mix called Orchiata from New Zealand.  It lasts longer between repotting and plants that don't do well in fir bark based potting mix seem to make better growth in Orchiata.


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