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I notice black spots underneath the leaves on my cymbidium and also tiny white dots on a top of them. All plant is looking green and healthy, while leaves are getting split in the middle sometimes.
What can be the reason for these dots? And how Can I cure my flower?
Thank you in advance for your time and concern.

Inna, this is quite common for thin leafed orchids including cymbidiums. This is likely caused by a fungus.  When a fungal spore lands on a leaf, if condition exists to allow the spore to germinate (eg moist and humid), these black spots arise. To prevent or reduce the spread, I recommend the spraying of a fungicide-- especially a copper salt in solution which should be found in a garden shop.  Usually, the copper salt will leave a bluish green deposit on the leaf.  Run a fan to dry the leaf surface before nightfall.  You may need to do this a couple of times per month until there are no dark spots on new growth.


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