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Orchids/pod gestation in phals


hi wayne, my question is in two parts, firstly most info ive read on phal seed pods say that they take 6mnts-2yrs to mature, but recently read that they can mature at 4mnts, is this true?? secondly, can a common hybrid phal(most common in supermarkets)mature, maybe the wrong word here, a pod faster than that again? I ask as ive read recently (again lol) that some types of orchids seeds are dead by the time they fully mature so cutting them off early saves many seeds. so ye just wondering that if in theory that is right then harvesting a pod seed a little earlier might be a good idea??

thanx in advance

Thanks for  your questions Lorna.  Seed pod ripening time for phalaenopsis for species and hybrids is generally given as 110-120 days. This is generally an oversimplification, however.  Pods on some phalaenopsis never develop, while on others nearly all seeds mature. In other species and hybrids pod maturation times generally vary from 3-9 months. I like to take a sample from a mature pod to see what proportion of the seeds are healthy before attempting culture.  There is a process called "green pod culture".  This is best left to those experienced with sterile orchid seed culture because additional nutrients must be provided.  If you have not yet attempted culture of seeds from pods, this will be quite a learning process as it involves sterile procedures and specialized growth media for germination and a separate one for growth.


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