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I own land in The Bahamas upon which is located a sink hole, or grotto, which is recognized as a phenomenon.  The grotto is about 100' round, and about 30' deep, full of fresh water in the bottom.  It contains what is believed to be a unique species of wild orchids.  Do you think these orchids could be cultivated commercially?

Paul, I suggest that you find someone who can identify the species.  From that point you should be able to know whether this is an endangered or protected species.  As long as it is on your land you should be able to transplant a few to pot culture to see if you can grow and flower it in a pot. You may also look into the technique to grow the seeds.  The latter is necessary to grow them in enough volume to make it worthwhile commercially.  There is an International Treaty regulating Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).  The final step is to see what paperwork, if any, you would need to legally export the plants.


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