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Hello, I recently bought 2 dendrobiums, one is healthy and thriving, I repotted the other one but sadly most of the roots were rotted so I trimmed them. Now the 2 bottom leaves turned yellow but 2 new plantlets developed at the base of the cane. Is my dendrobium decidous, does it need rest? Is it going to survive. I'm concerned about the two little plantles too. What should I do? I live in Romania. ThCelsius in the weather is splendid 25 Celsius during the day, little rain, 13 during the night

Christa.  You are right that the temperature range is good.  Dendrobium phalaenopsis,like most dendrobiums, do have a rest period.  Watering during a rest period, can cause root rot-- dendrobiums are very sensitive to this. It is best to stop watering when the plant enters its rest period.  During rest, some leaves may turn yellow and fall. When new growth begins, watering can begin. These plants prefer lots of light but be careful not to introduce a lot of light suddenly.  Gradually move the plant to brighter light so as not to burn the cane or leaves.  New leaves should be a light green with some reddish areas to indicate enough light for flowering on the new growth. Try letting the little plantlets grow on where they are.  Best not to disturb them.


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