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Orchids/Cattleya stem problem


Cattleya stem problem
Cattleya stem problem  

Cattleya stem problem
Cattleya stem problem  
Hi Wayne King,

This cattleya aclandiae hybrid stems have some black stripes as attached.  But they are firm to touch. The oldes stem has turned totally black but still firm.

Is my plant virused? or some kind of rot? or it just genetic of cattleya aclandiae ?

Nwe Lay

Nwe Lay,  As long ass the tissue is firm, it is unlikely that it is rot.  Gently peel back the sheath at the base of each growth and locate the eye from which new growth arises. If it is intact, all is well. The darker coloration at the base of the pseudobulbs may be due to sun exposure as the lower part of each pseudobulb has been exposed the longest and is likely to be darkest.  


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