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Orchids/care of orchid after the last bloom falls


I received a beautiful orchid plant in October which has two spikes.  The last bloom just fell off.  Now what should I do?
I also have two other plants that have lost all of their leaves.  Does that mean they are dead or just dormant?

Delores, your next step can depend upon the type of orchids you have.  I will assume that you have phalaenopsis orchids (aka moth orchids). On the one that just ceased flowering, I recommend that you repot it in fresh orchid potting mix.  The best orchid potting mix contains fir bark pieces that tend to be water repellant and should be soaked prior to use.  Places like Home Depot or Lowes usually carry hobby bags of orchid potting mix.  If you live near a company that specializes in growing orchids, they will repot your plant for you with a small charge for labor and materials.

Plants that have lost all of their leaves likely have root rot and likely cannot be revived.  If you have other orchid plants such as cattleyas, dendrobiums, etc  my answer will differ and depend upon the type of orchid plant you have.


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