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Is a  Cattleya labiate an unifoliate or bifoliate species? What conditions should you provide for optimum growth?

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ANSWER: Derick, Cattleya labiata is a unifoliate cattleya. Once the growth has matured in the fall and the flower sheath has completed its development, watering should be greatly reduced.  It always likes a lot of light and warmth. Use a balanced fertilizer (ie 20/20/20)in a half tsp per gal of water when the plant is in active growth). Flower emergence is in the spring, often from dried sheaths.  

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QUESTION: Thank you for the insight on Cattleya labiata. I greatly appreciate it! Are there considerable differences regarding the cultivation of unifoliate and bifoliate Cattleyas?

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One important difference is that most bifoliate cattleyas have canes rather than pseudobulbs.  Pseudobulbs serve to provide fluids to retain turgor in other parts of the plant when moisture is not present in the environment. While neither unifoliate nor bifoliate types appreciate water during their resting period, bifoliate types require occasional misting to prevent the canes from shrinking.  In nature, while these plants may receive little to no rainfall during the dry period, morning mists and higher humidity provide sufficient moisture to prevent dehydration of plant tissues. Overwatering during the rest period is the most common cause of rot at this time.  


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