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I purchased a large cym in February and it is doing wonderfully outside. The desert winter day and evening temps seem to be just what it likes because the new shoots are coming along fine and the blooms have lasted for a month and have no signs of dropping. My question: will it survive outside under a tree during the hot dry summer months with temps of 110 or should I bring it inside and hope it survives the air  condition house? I have north and south facing porches if that helps.
Thank you for your advise, I look forward to hearing from you.

Kriss, most cymbidiums, especially the "standard" type that have especially large foliage and flowers, prefer bright and cool conditions.  In fact, bud set in the fall usually requires temperatures in the 40-50 degree range.  As you mention, the plant seems to be thriving at this time.  When the daytime temperatures consisitently rise above 90 degrees you will need to look for the coolest, brightest spot to over summer it.  Depending upon elevation and season,even deserts can be cool enough to grow cymbidiums during some times of the year.  You may have a good spot to grow it as long as it is doing well but avoid excessive heat and light and the cool fall is essential to set the buds for flowering.


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