my daughter has brought me an orchid plant how do i look after it also there are large roots coming out from the bottom of the plantpot does this mean it needs repotting

I suspect that you have a phalaenopsis orchid plant.  These can be repotted anytime as they are in constant growth.  Your plant should be repotted in fir bark based orchid potting mix available in most garden centers (Home Depot, Lowes, etc).  First step is to strain out all dust-like particles, then soak the portion you plan to use.  Repot to a plastic pot with lots of drainage holes.  The pot should be large enough so all roots can fit into it. If any of the roots are mushy, these are dead and should be cut off prior to repotting. Lower the roots into the new pot while slowly rotating the pot to minimize root damage.  Add the wet or damp new potting mix after the roots are in place in the new pot.  Do not water for a week and then water weekly. Phalaenopsis prefer an easterly window for exposure to the morning sun.


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