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Orchids/millions of tiny fuzzy tan dots on the bark in my orchids


Can you please help me with this?  There are millions of tiny fuzzy lookong tan dots on the bark of two of my orchid plants.  I do not see any bugs, my plants seem healthy.  I just would like to keep them and the others healthy.  Thank you for any help you can give.

Rose, I expect that these are fungi that will attack and break down the potting mix but not attack the plant. However, as the potting mix breaks down, thia could adversely affect the growing condition of the plant, including root rot.  I recommend repotting the plant in a fresh, fir bark based, commercial orchid potting mix. The fir bark in a fresh orchid potting mix will help keep the mix drier and allow more air to get to the roots.  When you obtain fresh orchid potting mix, first sift out the finer particles and dust.  Then soak it for at least an hour before use.  Repot in a plastic pot with lots of drainage holes and allow the potting mix to drain for a day after repotting.  If, in the process of repotting, you find any roots tnat have collapsed, remove any such root as it is dead.  Firm roots are healthy and will be the bassis for future growth.  Repeat this process every year.  Do not allow the pot sit in water.  Water only once per week.


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