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Orchids/my dying Aphrodite orchide


Could you please tell me why the leaves on my Aphrodite orchide are dying, my flowers are beautiful. don't know what to do.
Regards Maureen

Maureen, usually this is an indication of root rot.  Root rot results from one or more of the following related conditions.  It may occur when the orchid potting mix remains too wet.  That, in turn, may be the result of poor drainage from the pot when watered, potting mix that has deteriorated or is not appropriate for orchid growth.

Orchids, in nature, often grow on a surface that allows air ready access to the roots.  Commercial orchid potting mix usually include particles of fir bark or charcoal which allows air to flow freely though the potting mix, and,  perlite to keep the other components of the mix moist. Commercially prepared orchid potting mixes need to be sifted to remove fine particles prior to use.  It also should be soaked to reduce the water repellancy of the fir bark.

You will need to repot this orchid using a well-drained pot and the proper orchid potting mix.  In unpotting your plant preparatory to repotting, remove the old potting mix and check the roots.  Those roots that are mushy or stringy have rotted and should be removedprior to repotting.  Healthy roots are firm and turn green when wet.  The leaves are dying due to the rotted roots.  They may too far gone to survive and may turn yellow and and fall from the plant.  Hopefully, new root growth from the repotting can result in new leaves.

This repotting may result in the loss of flowers on the plant, however, once the plant recovers, new fflowers may appear on the old flower spike.


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