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Orchids/Phalaenopsis orchid with bud drop and sticky substance on stem tips


My orchid seemed quite healthy and was sprouting lots of new flower stems with buds.  All of a sudden there was a sticky golden sap type substance oozing from the tips of the stems and the buds are turning pink and dropping off.  So far this appears only to be happening to the older spikes. The new growth so far seems healthy and new buds look to be forming on them.  The leaves are healthy with lots of new roots appearing. Will all the older spikes die? What should I do

Sheila, the fate of old flower spikes on each phalaenopsis hybrid is largely genetically determined.  Some hybrids retain their old flower spikes and may re-flower.  The old flower spike on other hybrids turns brown, dies back, and do not re-flower. If you have the type of phalaenopsis on which the old flower spike remains green, you may cut the flower spike just above the second or third node (ie joint) and a new growth may start at the joint just below the cut.  If a flower spike turns brown and starts to die back, you may cut that spike off where it originates at the base of the plant.  


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