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Cattleya amethystoglos  
Hello Wayne,

I will be getting a Cattleya amethystoglossa soon. What is your personal experience with this particular species of a Cattleya? I can't wait for it to bloom (pink, with purple spots) and I haven't even purchased the plant yet! Are there any specific growing conditions or requirements that I need to know about regarding Cattleya amethystoglossa?

Thank you for your time and attention with my inquiry, Wayne.

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Thanks for the question Derrick.  Amethystoglossa is what is known as a bifoliate species.  First, species are more difficult to grow than hybrids because they exist in nature and their growing requirements are very specific to their natural environment.  Secondly, they do not have pseudobulbs for storing water and nutrients.  They grow on 'canes' which have limited storage capacity.  Like many cattleyas, they are subject to a dry period in nature.  The purpose of pseudobulbs is to supply moisture during the dry period.  The bifoliate cattleyas, tend to shrink during the dry period.  In pot culture, they are easy to overwater leading to rotting.  To grow them well.  Best to grow them on the damp side #not wet#. Mature plants are usually 2-3 feet high and should be staked.

for more detail, read "The Brazilian Bifoliate Cattleyas and their Color Varieties" written by the late J.A. Fowlie, M.D. copyright,1977.  Since it was printed by the author, your best hope to locate a copy is


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