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QUESTION: I posted a question earlier and Good old auto spell changed intergeneric to intervention. Anyway, that is what I meant. I have photos of new growth of that would help answer my question.

ANSWER: Picture may help and any name tag.

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Intergeneric Orchid
Intergeneric Orchid  
QUESTION: There is no tag. If I had one I would be able to look it up myself.

Glenda, from your picture, this looks alike an oncidium alliance plant. As you probably know, this is a large alliance including the genera of Oncidium, Odontoglossum, Brassia, Miltonia, and another dozen genera.  Some of the features thay share are elliptical, somewhat flattened pseudobulbs, thin leaves emerging from the top of the pseudobulbs and flower spikes oftem emerging from the base of the plant. Most,but not all, prefer intermediate tempeatures and bright light.  As the plant comes into flower you may be able to narrow the choice.


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