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Orchids/paphiopedilum philippinense


QUESTION: Good day wayne its me again.

I'll be placing my online order of paph. philippinense
this week. what would be the ideal growing condition
for this beauty? please educate me on watering, feeding,
growing media, repotting., rest period if theres any..


Rocky M

ANSWER: Good day Rocky.  Because this paph is native to the Philippines you should have no trouble growing it.  Avoid direct sunlight and keep it on the wet side.  Use rainwater and keep the roots wet.  This plant should be in continuous growth so no rest period. Use a clear pot and a pot diameter such that the roots will just fit into the pot.  Repot once per year. Use seedling mix 1/4" in diameter after removing all dust-like particles.  It requires little feeding-- about 1/4 tsp/ gallon of water every other week.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: got it... i have extra charcoal pellets and some perlite at home
can i use this mixture for media? and maybe add some coco peat?

Both charcoal and perlite are inorganic.  They are good to allow air movement through the pottng mix but contain no organic matter for growth. Coco peat can add the missing organic ingredient.  I would also try adding some long fibred New Zealand sphagnum moss.  Try mixing these in equal portions by volume.


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