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Hello, I've been wondering about this mysterious question on my Phal. orchid; I bought it in September and it was flowering at the time (a white one with pink spots, don't know its name). I transplanted it which I actually do for all my orchids because they always come in medium which is just moss and I like the orchid mix, even though I know you should wait for it to finish blooming I've NEVER had them die (flowers) on me.
Anyhow,four flowers are STILL on it and haven't dropped yet AND it's even getting a new spike, which is VERY strange to me because I would think the flowers would last about 3 months and a spike wouldn't grow till the NEXT blooming season. What do you think?   Debbie

I think you are a good grower and have a knack.  Phalaenopsis orchids are remarkably versatile in their growth habits. They may flower at any time, may flower on an old flower spike that may or may not still be in bloom.  This may be done by an elogation of the existing spike, or by the creation of side branches. At the same time, or another time, the plant may send up new bloom spikes from its base.  Generally, a phalaenopsis whose flower spike remains green after its flowers have fallen may reflower on that same spike.  


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