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Orchids/tiny insect eggs on Phaleanopsis roots


Phal roots
Phal roots  
Hi Wayne,

What might these tiny eggs be, and what's a safe, natural way to get rid of them.  I have already washed all bark off and rinsed roots gently.

This is a Phal. orchid.  All 5 leaves are very healthy looking.

Halla; these look like the eggs of mealy bugs.  Usually, however, one sees adults along with the eggs.  Perhaps the  adults have been killed through spraying.  In any event, I recommend unpotting this plant and soaking the roots in an insecticidal solution,  Also, repot the plant in a new pot with new orchid potting mix. Once these egg masses hatch, the resulting insects can crawl to all parts of the plant and suck the plant juices damaging the plant.  That is why you should eliminate any possibility of insects arising from the potting mix or even those which might be attached to the inside of the pot.

Probably the safest insecticide to use is insecticidal soap.  Check the labels on the insecticidal soap to see if it's effective against mealy bugs  Soak the plant for at least an hour an a bucket containg the proper concentration of insecticidal soap. Be sure all parts of the plant are soaked.  Lay the plant on a piece of paper to dry before repotting.  Use a pair of chemical gloves to do this work.


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