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Hi im having trouble identifying this beauty and there for how to best care for it! I am sentimentally attached to this play and want to love it and for it to thrive! Pleas help x I can't attach pic through this form, but can send from my email if I ha e an address. Please can U help.
Kindest regards

Alice, I'm not familiar with the procedures for sending photos via AllExperts.  If you wish, you may send the photo(s) directly to me as a JPG file attachment at  If your plant is a hybrid, there are over 100,000 registered hybrids and many may look alike so I may not be able to give you the name of a specific hybrid but more of a general type.


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Any question about orchid culture. I have thirty+ yrs of growing experience,president 2x of our local Orchid Growers Guild,held a position in most all other offices associated with the Guild at one time or another. Head of Orchid judging team for local club meetings and some shows. Member of two Orchid Socities and local Rep.for Mid America Orchid Congress for several yrs.I have in my collection about 800 Orchid plants of all types.


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