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Orchids/Leaves soft?


My Phals are blooming like crazy AND have new growth but I notice that the leaves will get wobbly (soft) and floppy. They are WELL watered so I know that's not the problem, so what is their problem? The flowers are healthy, not wilted!
In case you need info on it, they ARE planted in good orchid mix medium (Better-Gro Phalaenopsis mix). Debbie

Debbie, as long as your roots are in good condition, you may have a deficiency in calcium and/or magnesium intake.  Dynagrow has a product on the market called "Protek".  I have found it at most garden centers here.  If you can find it and decide to use it, follow the instructions carefully.  It has the potential to make leaves stiff and brittle if used in too great of a concentration.


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