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i have recently fumigated phalaenopsis orchids with methyl bromide. The leaves are turning yellow, is there a way to help the plant to recover from the fumigant. How well can phalaenopsis handle methyl bromide treatment?.

thank you

Matt, as you may know, methyl bromide fumigation is the treatment used by USDA on imported orchids. Their recommendation is to bare-root orchids to be fumigated. They recommend fumigation then for two hours on a table in a well lit room with a gentle flow of air from a small fan.  The roots should covered with wet sphagnum. Plants should then be potted and placed in a humid environment as soon as possible.  No watering for 24 hours pot-potting.  Keep the plant out of bright light.  They advise that some leaves may yellow and be lost, but new growth is still possible. These USDA recommendations do not distinguish type of orchid.

This method is not used by most hobbyists because methyl bromide fumes are very toxic to humans if inhaled.


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