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Okay, so I was given this orchid and I have always LOVED orchids.  It has dropped all it's blooms and I still have it in the clear plastic container I received it in.  I would like to put it in an orchid planter.  Do I need to add an orchid mix?  Or can I just get one of those orchid hydroponics slotted mesh net pots to put in the planter?  If so, do I remove the plastic container?  So much to learn!  Ugh.

Patty, I recommend a complete repot in an orchid potting mix.  Before use of a fresh potting mix, sift out all of the fine particles and soak the potting mix for at least an hour.  You may reuse the plastic container if it has a lot of drainage holes and is large enough for the root mass. Do not let the plastic container with its orchid plant sir in water.  Unpot your plant and examine the roots.  Any roots that are mushy should be removed before repotting,  Insert the roots into the empty pot adding the fresh new orchid potting mix as you do.  Grow it in an east window if one is available. I would stay away from net pots for phalaenopsis orchids.  Most orchid growers do not grow phalaenopsis hydroponically-- although it is possible.


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