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I had asked you about this cat before..I must say your advice was spot on..she has bloomed. The thing is the flower is more than a little different.. im attaching a photo of the bloom i bought it with and what it now has. Any advice?  The pic at the top is the now bloom as u can see its brighter in color, but its also about 2 .5 inches in diameter wher the other 1 is about 4 inches.

Interesting plant Marita. There are many differences beyond flower size.  Petals and lip are of very different shape. I assume it came without a name tag.  The two blooms look like they're from two different plants.  Sometimes, commercial growers will put a couple of plants in a pot to produce "bargains". When it's time to repot and you remove the plant(s) from its (their) pot, you can check this hypothesis.  Thanks for sharing.


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