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I have a question regarding a particular Cymbidium hybrid called Cherry Kisses. I believe its a cross between Cherry Cola and C. dayanum.

Have you ever heard of Cherry Kisses or Cherry Cola? If so, how well do you think they would fair under average household conditions? Since Cymbidiums originate from the foothills of the Himalayas, what daytime and nighttime temps do they prefer? What about a soil medium?

Thank you for your time and attention with my inquiries. I very much appreciate your feedback and insight.

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Thanks for your questions Derick.  Cymbidiums, as a rule, prefer cool and bright conditions (35-75 degrees F).  For this reason, I have summered mine out. It is difficult to keep them growing under ordinary household conditions in the winter.  If you elect to summer yours out, choose a semi-shaded spot.  When in active growth, they need to be fed and watered heavily. They can be put outside now and left out until the first frost and, even then, can be put out on sunny, mild days between colder days.  They need temperatures around 40 degree to set buds in the fall.

They prefer to be tightly potted.  Ordinary orchid potting mix is fine for cymbidiums.


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