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My orchid is in bad shape, i water it every twenty days and it gets sunlight, in my opinion not a whole lot. My house faces the west and the only window that gets sunlight in our front window, but it's only from 2-5 pm every day, none of my other windows allows direct sunlight in. Here are some pictures, please help.

The period from 2-5 Pm is the brightest and hottest time of the day.  if your plant is exposed to direct sunlight at that time it could lead to leaf burn.  Generally, an eat window is recommended for phalaenopsis where it can receive morning light.  Distance from the window is also important.  At colder times, the plant could get chilled if too close to a window.
If you have not repotted your plant since obtaining it, that is in order.  Failure to repot the plant every year, or using potting mix that stays wet, could lead to root rot (roots or part of a root has collapsed).  Rotted roots can cause leaf damage and loss.  This can be checked by removing the plant from its pot.  You will need to do that anyway to repot your plant.  Be sure to use a commercially prepared and marketed orchid or phalaenopsis potting mix. Be sure to cut off any rotted roots before repotting.  The plant may need the rest of the year to recover


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