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I was able to track down a copy of the book, "The Brazilian Bifoliate Cattleyas and Their Color Varieties by J A Fowlie". It appears to be in good condition...thank you for suggesting it. I can see the difference between bi-foliate species having canes and uni-foliate species having pseudobulbs for water storage.

Is it true that some orchids can photosynthesize through their roots?

Thank you for your time and attention with my inquiry.

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Derick. glad you found a copy of the book.  Yes, it is true that many orchids can photosynthesize in their roots. The chlorophyll can clearly be seen as the green coloration in roots. This is found principally in epiphytic orchids whose roots may be exposed on tree trunks or branches or within moss on those branches. The majority of photosynthesis, of course, occurs in the leaves.


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