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Do you certain  Bifoliate Cattleya species such as amethystoglossa and loddigesii need supplemental iron every couple of months?

One of C. amethystoglossa's leaves was damaged in a storm a few days ago. The cane now just has one leaf...will it grow a new leaf? If not, do you think I should let it flower?

I don't want to stress my orchid anymore than necessary since it was damaged in the storm.

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Derick;  The plant will not grow a new leaf. If the growth is mature or nearly mature, losing one of the two leaves will have little effect on future development.  Flowering should not set the plant back to any appreciable degree.  If the plant was knocked off it bench and/or pot, that could have disturbd the roots.  If the plant's growth or flowering is compromised it is more likely to be the result of root disturbance.  Iron is not a major nutrient in orchids so its presence in an all purpose plant food is adequate.  Remember that orchid use of nutrients is confined to the growth period and nutrient use at other times is minimal at best.  


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