I have a blue mystique orchid that is outgrowing its pot. Not sure how to care for it. I haven't pruned it or anything but I do know it needs to be re-potted because the roots are hanging out of the pot. I don't know much about them and don't want to do anything wrong and kill it cause my mom gave it to me. Any information would be great!

When you repot, be sure to use a commercial grade of orchid potting mix.  Some big box stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, etc, carry hobby bags of this potting mix based upon fir bark.  To prepare the potting mix, first sift out all of the dust and finer particles.  The coarser, remaining part of the mix should be soaked for an hour prior to use.  Choose a well-drained pot for repotting the plant. Then, remove the plant from its current pot and examine the roots.  Remove any mushy roots prior to inserting the root mass into the new pot and insert the plant into the new pot.  All roots should be below the top the new container.  Since the p otting mix is damp or wet, place the pot in an area for the excess moisture will drain off.  Then, place the potting mix in the new pot amongst the roots and allow to drain for a day before placing it into its growing area.  Resume on a regular watering schedule once a week.  Do not allow the pot sit in water. When in doubt, better to grow the plant on the dry side.  An east window in the most ideal place to grow.


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