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I have two questions;

1-one of my orchide is having baby on its stem, i would like know how and when i should take it off,  and can i put it on similar pot with coconut barks ?

2-other orchide which is a different type that i do not know exactly is having something near the root, what is this and what should i do with it ?

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John, the babies on each plant are called keikis and are vegetative divisions of each plant. The #1 keiki  should be repotted only after it has produced roots 2-3 inches in length.  Be careful not to damage the roots when planting out the Keiki.

The #2 keiki may take root right where it is if the potting mix is in good condition. Otherwise, the roots are large enough to separate it from the mother plant and pot it up on its own.  Try not to damage the roots during the repotting process.


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