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Double Orchid
Double Orchid  
I received a Phalaenopsis Orchid 1-2 years ago and it bloomed immediately.  Then about a 1 inch section on the top of the stalk began to die as expected, then it stopped and leaves started to grow.  The original flower stalk never finished dying, it is now growing roots as well as leaves.  So I have an "air" orchid for what I can tell.  At the same time the bottom original plant is still producing roots and leaves but no more stalks.  Can I "split" the plant or just wait for a flower stalk to eventually grow?

Mindy, the small, new plant is called a keiki and is a vegetatve divison of the mother plant.  When the keiki forms roots and they lengthen to  2-3 inchess, you may remove the keiki from the mother plant and pot it up.  The removal may be done by twisting the keiki at the point where it is attached to the mother plant. I would not do anything other than that with the mother plant unless the potting mix is in very poor condition.


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