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Orchids/ephipyte orchids has weak roots


Hi wayne. i have trichoglottis orchids and yellow mokara. i do misting every morning. humidity is 50% and medium light. i apply
weak npk 30 10 10 once a month. what concerns me is that these orchids has shriveled to dried roots.

how do i stimulate them to grow healthy roots. i live in the philippines by the way some root enhancing hormones might not be available here. i see hormex products here but im not sure if it
will help my orchids.

and also im planning to buy a beautiful degarmoara winter wonderland, any growing tips on this particular orchid? my growing day temp is 33c no idea with night temps though.


Rocky, these plants are not in continuous growth.  Do not water or feed until you see new growth.  Make sure your potting mix is fresh and allows free flow oF water and air though the potting mix. Once new leaf and/or shoot developmet occurs, new roots will soon follow.   Fertilizing while the plant is in dormancy, will result in root damage. DAMAGE CAN ALSO OCCUR IF YOUR WATER IS HIGH IN SALT (IE MINERAL) CONTENT.  There is no reason to fertilize until new growth starts.  An intermediate temp is ideal (ie 70 - 80 degrees F)


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