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QUESTION: I have an orchid that has developed - leaves up the flower stem - I believe this is a keike.  This has been like this for some months now and there are no roots and the mother plant has dried up. Please advise.  Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Veronica.  You are  right about the keikis. As long as the flower spike is still green, there is hope that the keikis may yet develop roots and leaves.  If the mother plant has died, you may remove the keikis from the dried up old flower spike and place them in an enclosd container with damp moss.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the helpful answer.
The leaf growth hasn't changed at all over the past two months and I have been watching for signs of roots. How would I remove the keikis?
Should I leave some stem below the leaf growth and could I use ordinary plant rooting compound where I cut the stem?
When I place this in the container should I use a transparent orchid pot and place a transparent cover over it.  

Ideally, you should wait until a keiki has root growth of at least an inch in length before removing the keki from the old flower spike and potting it up. When preparing to pot up the keiki, apply a small twist where it joins the old flower spike. You may use a transparent orchid pot with a cover to retain humidiity. keep this out of the direct sunlight. you may apply roottone or other rooting compound to the point where the roots originate normally on the plant.  Be sure to apply the hormone to a paste or gel before applying it to the plant.


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