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I am a first time orchid owner. The flowers on my orchid have all fallen off and I cut off the stem an inch above the second stem per some instructions online. A black ring started developing and I cut it off again. The black rings keep coming back around the stem where I cut it. Now, it is a little over an inch above the second node. Should I cut the whole stem off? Should I keep it?

There are three large green leaves on my orchid plant. One of the stems were cut off because it was turning black. I have only one stem left.

Also, some of the roots have been getting mushy and rotting on my orchid plant. Some of the roots have been cut off. Do I need to repot?

Amy, I assume you have a phalaenopsis orchid.  There are two types of phalaenopsis plaants as far as flower spikes are concerned.  On one type,. the flower spike remains green and can reflower from a node.  The other type has a flower s[pike that dies back and does not reflower. Undoubtedly you have the latter.  The old flower spike will die back and cutting  off a portion will not stop this die back.  All reflowering on this type of plant will occur only on new flower spikes.


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