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Orchids/bottom leaves wilted and veiny


Hi, I just got this orchid a few months ago, it's grown two new leaves since I've had it, but the original leaves it had ate drooping and they seems to have reverse veins, I'm not sure of a technical term, there's lines in them. It grows two leaves on each side. Small stalk, it had root root when I got it but its seems to have come out of it, haven't trimmed the dead root, I'm afraid of causing too much shock. Please help me save this little guy!

Megan, it would havw been helpful to havw a picturw of your plant to diagnose the "reverse veins".  However, let me assume you have a phalaenopsis orchid (otherwise called a moth orchid). Normally, newly purchased orchids are potted in older, and sometimes rotting, potting mix.  It may look fine on the surface but further down in the potting mix the mix is damp and limits the flow of air to the roots. This  mix is unsuitable for root growth.  This leads to root rot.  This only can be diagnosed by removing the plant from its potting mix and dumping out the potting mix. I imagine this sounds drastic, but it is the only way to get at the "root" of the problem and correct it.  Before you do this, you need to obtain fresh orchid potting mix to use in repotting your plant.  When you do this, you will need to sift out the finer particles before using the mix.  Make sure the pot has several drainage holes in the bottom.  If you find one or more collapsed roots after removing your plant, they can be removed as they will not recover.  Best to do this before repotting the plant. Chances are that if you got your plant at a big box store, they will not repot it for you. However, if you have an orchid dealer near you, they provide this service for a small fee (check the yellow pages or the internet under "orchids").  Big box stores that sell orchids are likely to also sell orchid potting mix.  Fresh orchid potting mix always gives the plant a new lease on life and new root and leaf growth should begin within a month or two after repotting.


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