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Orchids/unusual phaleonopis flower form


I have a small collection of phaleonopsis orchids.  one of them has flowers that have their side petals growing up instead of flat.  The petals cover the bottom "lip"  making the flower shape like a cup and saucer, with the saucer formed by the 3 other petals.  I have not seen any other phaleonopsis like that in my search through the internet.  Is this an unusual phenomina or is it a variety of this orchid family ?

Dick, most likely this is not a stable form of the flower and, therefore not a variety.  Some plants flowering for the first time may have distortions in the flower form.  I have seen instances where the flasking formula was incorrect and the resulting hybrids are mutated into a variety color forms and shapes.  Hopefully, the latter is not the case with your plant.  Future flowering may be perfectly normal.


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