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Orchids/Mom Phal and her keiki... I would like keep them together!


Hello! The Phalaenopsis' keiki has 7 roots (6 in long) and 6 leaves, and both are still in full bloom. I would like making the mother plant stronger, less stressed by the keikiís growth. The problem is how to feed the keiki, considering the roots are growing vertically. Would it be enough to add some substrate in some way, and keep both long-standing healthy? Please note that I donít want to separate them.
Thanks in advance!

I think the best way to achieve your desired goal is to separate the keiki from the mother plant and pot it up in a separate pot and potting mix. This should lead to little disturbance in the growth of either the mother or the keiki.  Since the keiki has good root` development of its own, potting it up separately will enable it to be self supporting from its own root system.  At the same time, the keiki will no longer use any of its mother's energy.  In time, the mother may put some of its energy into developing a new keiki and/or flowers.

By potting the keiki up without separating it from the mother plant, repotting either could be an issue.  It is generally recommended to repot these plants every year or two to provide more root growing space and a fresh supply of nutrients from the potting mix.  


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