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I live in a townhouse condo without a private yard. I am doing an experiment with composting. I bought a 46L plastic container with a lid that seals when snapped shut. I add kitchen stuff to it almost daily and always push new stuff below the surface. I have no holes drilled in it because I don't want the smell to bother the neighbors and I don't want the liquid to leak onto my deck. Right now everything it is black and smells like its working. Most of the time when I open the lid there is quite a bit of whit mould on top of the stuff in the container.

Here are my questions:

1. If I don't drill holes in it will it still work? If so, how long will it take?

2. If I added worms to it would they die from no air or would it be enough that I open it regularly to add waste to it? Would worms help speed the process? Will worms just "show up?"

3. How wet should it be? Water is puddled on top. Right now I think it is too wet so I have been leaving the lid open for a few hours a day in an effort to let some evaporate. Again to keep the neighbors happy I don't want to be dumping the bin out to get the water out fast.

Any tips or advice for the given situation would be appreciated!


Please visit our website for all the answers to your questions:   Vermicomposting (with worms) is very different from making compost....if you have any questions after reading all the information, please ask....!

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