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You know the expression this place is a mess? Well the way I can best describe my room is as this mess is a place.

I go through these periods where one minute my room is so sparkling clean and wonderfully organized, and then slowly I get reckless and careless where eventually it turns into a pigsty once more.

This fact really aggravates me, but fortunately it's made me snap and decide that this time I'm going to be very serious about keeping it clean.

My problem is I feel SO overwhelmed and depressed when I see the state my room is in, so I feel unable to do anything and essentially I do nothing. I've told myself that I can try cleaning up very small sections of my room one at a time, day by day, until eventually I will slowly but surely have a wonderfully clean room. However, I'm not at all convinced. I just don't feel motivated and just feel more overwhelmed and upset when I look at my room.

Please help me! What can I do to get into gear, feel motivated and kick myself into cleaning my room? :)

Hi Rose;
A room that is clean and organized gives you a better attitude for life itself. It shows that 'you are in control of your surroundings' and it shows your personality. Right now it is showing that your life is unstable, you are confused and that at times you have it all together and when you are frustrated-it all falls apart.

First of all: Decide what kind of room that you would like that shows the real 'you'. What are your favorite colors, do you enjoy books, what are the things that you use most often, what are the things that you want people to know about you. These show the 'real' you and are things that make you happy and content. A room should make you feel relaxed when you walk into it. It should give you the felling 'I am home, in my own domain and the rest of the world is outside'. Get the idea?

Second: Now start on one wall and decide what that wall is going to show you. It may mean hanging a picture, moving a dresser or adding storage shelves. Then write down how you want it to look. Do that with every wall in your room. Next, look at your bed; what will make that bed tell you that it is inviting, relaxing and waiting for you. You would be surprised at how you will even get a better nights sleep. It will be a place that you will relax, feel content and help your body rejuvenate. Pick colors you like, add a pillow for decoration or a quilt or throw at the end of the bed etc.

Third: Now it is time to put it all together. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money either. You can use boxes for storage and cover them with contact paper with the colors you love. Such as: lets say that you love pink and lavender--cover one box pink and one lavender and create enough boxes for 2 shelves. You can label them with fancy labels so you know what is in it if you want to. Then add them to your shelf and put everything in the correct box. It could be computer supplies, make up, socks, jewelry, almost anything. You still have other shelves for decorations or books. This is a good starting point because you will see how having it all organized can be pretty but still be useful.

The hint to everything is to put things back in it home instead of throwing it in a corner. It is just like--you go home at night and are content--your items need to go home at night too!

When you get to the closet, sort out all of the things that you don't use or wear. Put these things in piles-want to keep, don't need or doesn't fit, wrong season. The things you want to keep goes back in your closet, what doesn't fit or don't wear you can get rid of and the wrong season now gets stored. This will free up a lot of space in your closet.
The things you want to get rid of can either be traded with some friends that may want to do the same thing or can be sold or donated. The things for storing can be put into a box and you can even cover that with matching Contac paper if you want and put it on a shelf or store it in your closet or storage area. What is left in your closet is only the things that you like to wear, things that fit and items that make you happy.

Don't forget that you also have storage space under your bed! This is a great place to put shoes. They are easy to get at, take up a lot of room in your closet and tend to get thrown around more than anything else.

Use shoe holders on the inside of your door for things other than shoes, things you use a lot that don't seem to have a good pace to live. Such as, brushes and combs, mirrors, phone books with numbers of all of your friends etc.

You will be surprised to see how great this is because it reflects 'you' and will be something that you will take pride in showing off. It will make you a lot more content and give you a feeling of serenity that you didn't have before. You won't want it to get messed up!

HINT: take a picture of your room 'before' you start and then take another picture of the 'after' and hang these someplace that you can look at often. It will be a reminder of what you had and don't want again!

I hope this helps give you a few ideas and I am sure that now you have many more that you have though about all on your own.

Good luck and happy organizing!
Jan Hayner

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