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bailee wrote at 2014-02-13 23:46:46
im getting a palate expander in 5 days and this is what I have heard. ok so u will have a lisp,problems eating, FOOD WILL GET STUCK u will have to wear it about 6 monthes maybe a little longer if ur palate is smaller than usual or maybe a little less time idk.

bailey wrote at 2014-02-13 23:50:58
hey I would like to add to this answer. ok so a palate expander is not that bad. it hurts a little when u crank it but that's about it. its basically just a lot of pressure around ur nose trust me its not that bad food will get stuck. so exited for braces tommrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I can supply tips, hints, recipes and resources about a braces-friendly lifestyle, for parents of children and teens in braces as well as for adults in braces. Although I am not a medical/dental professional, I have colleagues in the field and will do my best to point you to additional resources.


I am the author of two specialty award-winning cookbooks of soft-food recipes and tips targeted to all ages of braces-wearers (including adults) and give workshops to dental hygienists to help them help their patients with this type of information. I have worn braces both as a teen and as an adult, and am from a family of three generations of braces patients. I regularly contribute information to the public website of the American Association of Orthodontists and Orthotown magazine.

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