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Hi Pam, I finished my Invisalign treatment years ago and have moved overseas.   The retainer has been my last set.  Unfortunately I lost them and am looking for replacements.

The documentation for my treatment has an Invisalign code which I would is unique to my prescription.

I'm hoping that you may be able to contact Invisalign directly as only authorised providers have access.  

My question is:  With the code, could they pull my details from their db and make a duplicate of  my last trays for my retainer?  I am very happy to pay for this.

Cheers and thank you so much for your time.


I'm not an orthodontist, sorry (I provide resource information on various aspects of the field) but I'll try to help. I assume there's a reason you can't contact the orthodontist who provided you with the Invisalign treatment, who has the records? If not, then I think the easiest would be to find a provider near you. The site lists 49 practices that offer Invisalign in New South Wales. Since you have indicated you will pay, one of them should do it, I would think. If not, you could pay to have new impressions made of your teeth as they are right now, and have a traditional retainer made. It's good you're thinking of this - you already worked so hard, you want to get a new retainer as soon as possible to keep the great new smile.


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