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The back of my mouth
The back of my mouth  
I'm not sure if this is a wisdom tooth coming in or some sore in the back of my mouth. It is hurting very bad. Can you please help me out. Thanks in advance

Ardent\'s Mouth
Ardent's Mouth  

Hello Ardent,

I received your question just recently and appreciate the fact that you included a picture.

What I write here are only my opinions based on very limited information. My comments should not be viewed as any form of diagnosis, definitive or otherwise,  or any form of  treatment recommendation.  Indeed, in the ultimate analysis all final decisions, particularly clinical ones, should  only be made by qualified doctors who have had a chance to see you in person and who have had an opportunity to take and analyze proper diagnostic records.

Okay… having said  that…  your  questions focused on wisdom teeth.  You  wrote:

"I'm not sure if this is a wisdom tooth coming in or some sore in the back of my mouth. It is hurting very bad. Can you please help me out. Thanks in advance     "

The image appears to show the lower right first and second molars. A  possible lower right third molar is not visible, but may be about to emerge through the gum tissue. Without a radiograph I can not tell for sure.Patients often complain of discomforts when third molars erupt. One reason is that while many other adult teeth actually first push out a baby tooth, and then simply slide into the space previously occupied by that baby tooth, the third molars have no bay tooth to push out. In fact, third molars must emerge through the existing gum tissue, and this often causes discomfort. Sometimes, due to insufficient available space,  eruption problems occur and a third molar can become impacted ( does not emerge through the gums  ) or semi-impacted ( emerges only partially through the gums ).

Ardent, in your case, assuming you have third molars, what you may be experiencing is the emergence of the wisdom tooth through the gum tissue.

There are other possibilities you and your dentist or other oral health care professional may wish to consider. If the opposing upper right third molar has erupted ahead of the matching lower right third molar, in some situations, the upper molars can "over-erupt" and in so doing begin to contact and impinge upon the lower gum tissue in back of the lower right second molar. If you look at your image, there is a slight suggestion of some color change in this area.

Sometimes patients with no third molars whatsoever have similar discomforts. What could be the cause? Well, it turns out that food debris, tomato seeds, etc can sometimes become lodged in the gum tissue that wraps around the back side of the lower second molar. A small seed which is lodged in the tissue can cause some gum irritation, and along with decreased hygiene, can create discomforts due to swollen tissues.

My recommendations as to what to do at this point Ardent include the following:

1) Get an X-ray or radiograph to better determine the existence and orientation of any wisdom teeth, especially in the area of the lower right posterior jaw area.
2) If you do have impacted or semi-impacted third molars, get an opinion or two regarding the need for extraction. Not all third molars necessarily need to be extracted.
3) If it is a matter of chronic food debris lodging itself in the rum tissues surrounding the lower second molars, then i would recommend additional time flossing and maybe an oral irrigation device to better flush out and clean the gum areas.

Ardent, I hope I have been able to give you a sense of what might be some of the possibilities regarding your discomforts. I am not able to see you or to examine radiographs. I have tried to be as complete as possible given the limited information at my disposal. Please feel free to resubmit your question with radiographs if you feel that would be helpful for you.

Paul Supan, DDS, MA, MPH
Board Certified Orthodontist

Specialist in Orthodontics
Specialist in Dental Public Health  


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