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Orthodox Judaism/The meaning of "us" in Genesis 1:26


TimS wrote at 2015-02-09 04:31:26
This answer can be viewed across the internet as a solve all for an argument that is lost otherwise.  It is a parroting of Tovia Singer and is wrong! Angels are created beings and know nothing if not allowed by God.  Why would he include them as if they are also all knowing (Which they are not)?  That being the case, we would also already know "God and Evil" as well as they.  There may be an explanation both Jews and Gentiles don't see but this one is seriously flawed and is a cop out to the true question.  

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I have been involved in counter-missionary activity for several years, counseling many Jews who have left or have considered leaving Judaism having been attracted by other religions. I have been able to show the truth to these people through the correct reading of the texts (vs. deliberately wrong translations used by missionaries), through showing how missionaries manipulate the Jewish scriptures to achieve their goals, and through helping you rediscover the beauty and truth of authentic Judaism.

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