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Dear Rabbi,
What is the meaning of Kel Shaddai, can it be written and is there any correlation with the word spoken to Moses in Deut 3:26 ("let it suffice you")? Thanks in advance for your time.

Hi Ovadiah,
         Sorry for the delay in replying. My daughter got engaged around the same time as your question and it got forgotten about in the excitement.

Kel Shakkai. Kel means the Almighty and Shakkai has a couple of meanings. 1. The All Sufficing One, related to the word "dai" which means enough or sufficient. It is hence to name of G-d which is associated with the physical world and its limitations as designed by G-d. 2. It is the name of G-d associated with hidden miracles and is related to the word "Shidud" which means bandit because G-d as it were steals away from the normal flow of events (mazel) to do a hidden miracle for righteous person.
There is no connection to Deut 3/26, different words are used there.
All the best
Rabbi Yechezkel Fox  

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