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You said not to embarrased on types of questions, so here goes.
Can you tell me how ancient Judaism saw the concept of what a ghost is?  I know they believed in it, due to gospel teachings, but I was wondering what their understanding of what it is and where is comes from.
thank you

ANSWER: Dear Leah,
I'm glad you were not embarrassed to ask this question.
Can you clarify where you learned that Jews believe in ghosts?
Gospel teachings are not part of Judaism at all, so any connection from gospel teaching would not be relevant here.
Jewish people believe in souls, but not ghosts.
Please let me know if you want to clarify the details of this question further, and I would be happy to answer if I can.
Have a great day,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks for your response on this.  It is quite confusing.  I know that Judiasm does not acknowledge the New Testament.  I should have clarified better - I am a Christian and there were a couple of times that Jesus had mentioned the Ghost and that it did exist.  Because He was raised in Judiasm, I thought I would try to figure out what their religion believed at that time, and that would have been why Jesus mentioned the Ghost.  I have heard many different teachings on the Youtube, they intertwine somewhat.
So I hope that helps with the question.
Thank you.

What the Jewish people believed then is the same thing they believe now. There is no basis for the ghost in Jewish religion that I am aware of. Many lessons were taken from Jewish teaching, such as "Do unto others", etc, but the trinity was not.
Best of luck,

(PS, I'm sorry for the huge delay in answering this. I was mid-semester when I got this question and now that I'm on break I am getting to all the things I put on hold.)

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